5 in-demand and highest paying careers in IT at entry level

Learn about the best careers in the IT industry that motivate for a great future. We have the top picks that have huge demand in the UK and across the globe. Here’s the list of careers that are in-demand and offer best perks in the IT industry as it grows on a day-to-day scale.

Here are the in-demand jobs while IT Jobs Near Me portal analyzes approximate average salaries at an entry level for each role:

IoT Engineers

  • Average annual pay: £62,106

Internet of Things (IoT) is the resonating term in the current world. Connecting your devices or electronics from anywhere remotely is nothing but IoT. Engineers involved with this new technology are those with one of the highest paying careers. Its reputation has been growing with technology growing all around.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) Engineer

  • Average annual pay: £52,000

The world is witnessing great trends in terms of preference and knowledge in AI and ML currently. So are the job opportunities at a high pitch. These new technologies are becoming the emerging field of automation with minimal manual interference.

AI Engineers have been learning big data to train models across different languages involved in the IT industry. With the courses mastered in ML, prospects with enough knowledge in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology are in huge demand.

Block chain Engineers

  • Average annual pay: £50,278

Blockchain Engineers are one of the most preferred careers with IT skills. According to research, there’s been a 517% increase in global demand for block chain engineers. This huge demand also comes with a very rewarding salary.

Data Scientist

  • Average annual pay: £50,000

There are many companies and businesses collecting data each day. So, the compilation and other aspects including cleaning, and presenting data for organizations is done by a Data Scientist who has relevant skills in data science. There are huge numbers of job openings in Data Science at this point in time and also in the future.

Information Security Analyst

  • Average annual pay: £49,058

Data security in the present world is becoming critical. The roles involved by the Information Security Analyst covers the businesses carefully and let the breaches out of the way. They are one of the highest paying jobs in the UK while their main role lies in safeguarding client’s data.