Top 8 High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Need a Degree

You have many options if you don’t have a degree and are looking for a high-paying job in the UK. There are numerous jobs available here that are both challenging and exciting, as well as paying very well. We’ve found the best-paid jobs that you can start with minimal training to help you find one of these opportunities, whether you’re looking for a career change or you’re new to the job field. 


Here are the top eight high-paying jobs for people with no experience. There are numerous careers where skills and training are preferred over traditional education.


Mining Construction – £50,000

Mining construction has a high average wage for similar reasons to the oil industry. If you decide to work in mining, you should be aware that it can consume several months of your time at a time. Furthermore, because much of the industry is based overseas, you will almost certainly be required to relocate as needed. A degree is not required for a job in mining construction, but some experience in manual labor or building work would be beneficial.


Offshore Oil Worker – £49,278

Working as an offshore oil-platform worker is a great option for people just starting out in their careers who don’t mind a lot of responsibilities (i.e., family commitments and strong ties to their local area). This is due to the fact that working on an oil rig requires you to stay for several months at a time. It’s also a job that can entail dangerous and difficult work, often for long periods of time. While you don’t need a degree to work offshore and earn a lot of money, you must be certain that this is your lifestyle.


Digital Marketing – £47,500

Marketing has already been discussed, but did you know that the digital marketing industry pays even more? Again, because the industry is so fast-paced, you won’t need an academic degree to get started. If you’re familiar with terms like SEO and Adwords, a career in digital marketing could be right for you. To progress from unpaid internships to landing your first high-paying job, you’ll need some creativity and a willingness to learn new things.


Train and Tram Drivers – £44,500

You will be in charge of trains that transport passengers and freight across the country. It is possible that the job will be with one of the major overground rail networks, underground trains, trams, or even Eurostar. Before being hired, you will be subjected to background and medical checks, and you must live within one hour of the train depot. In terms of abilities, you must be patient, remain calm under pressure, and be comfortable operating machinery.


Air Traffic Controllers – £40,000

You must ensure that planes take off and land safely, as well as that the airport operates smoothly. Working as an air traffic controller does not require a degree because you can learn on the job through an apprenticeship or trainee scheme. The job is complex and stressful, which is why it pays so well. The role requires a lot of math, so you should be very good with numbers. They are not looking for specific experience but rather transferable skills such as quick decision-making, working well under pressure, and excellent communication skills.


Firefighter – £31,500

You’ll be in the community, but it won’t just be to put out fires in an emergency. A firefighter assists in the education of the public about fire safety and prevention. They can also assist other emergency services during situations such as car accidents, floods, and even bomb alerts. I’m not sure how many cats they assist in removing from trees. You’d need to work in shifts and be available to work evenings, weekends, and bank holidays. You must also pass medical and background checks and have a valid driver’s license.


Police Constable – £30,250

As a police officer, you can take on a variety of different roles, and it’s not all about being out on the streets directly fighting crime. Sergeants’ salaries begin at around £20,000, with the potential for growth to £45,000 and higher. As your career progresses, you can expect to earn up to £50,000 as an Inspector.


HR Manager – £38,677

Human resources probably don’t excite many people, but it’s a great way for people without a degree to earn a decent living. Furthermore, it is a useful role that ensures that everyone in the office is happy and that all administrative tasks are completed on time. If you decide to work in Human Resources, you will almost certainly need to obtain a qualification at some point in the future if you want to advance in the industry.


So, whether you’re looking for jobs in the UK or want to advance your career, there are plenty of best-paying jobs without a degree available for everyone.